Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 'ENDA' your religious liberty

The libs are making hay with their majorities and doing more than chipping away at our America, they're blowing holes from every direction. When we run to try and protect one area, they sneak over and start on another.

I don't normally post things with donation requests or membership requests, but this is an issue I think you need to know about. I left in all the links and requests because you may feel inclined to get involved and help.

Here's the message from the Family Research Council on ENDA. This group does an outstanding job of informing and protecting us on numerous fronts:

The 'ENDA' your religious liberty

We've won this fight before. With your help, we can win it again!

It's back.

Congressional liberals have breathed new life into an outrageous, discredited, and defeated attack on your faith.

The threat I'm talking about is the deceptively named Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

You know ENDA has nothing to do with ending bias in the workplace.

Instead, it's the pot of gold at the end of the homosexual "rights" rainbow . . .

. . . the end of moral opposition to counterfeit marriage, homosexuals in the military, the indoctrination of school children, the rest of the homosexual rights agenda, and the lottery for trial lawyers.

The Left wants you to think ENDA is inevitable. But that's a lie too. The phone calls, letters and emails to politicians plus the prayers and financial support of friends like you have helped us stop ENDA in the past. And we can do it again, but only with your help.

If you are able, please become a member of FRC Action now by sending a generous gift to help win this key struggle to protect your faith, family, and freedom . . . and all businesses.

FRC Action is the congressional lobbying affiliate of Family Research Council (FRC). Our team has decades of experience on Capitol Hill and we're working with moderate and undecided lawmakers who are being pressed to pass ENDA before the new Congress starts in January.

We must not allow ENDA to pass. Because if ENDA becomes law, it will mean . . .

. . . federal enforcement of the homosexual rights agenda from your children's schools, to your office, to the faith-based charities you support, and eventually to your church.
A Canadian evangelical ministry was forced under Ontario's ENDA-type law to pay $23,000 in back pay to a lesbian it had dismissed for lying about her immoral sexual behavior. The ministry also was ordered to indoctrinate its Bible-believing employees in the homosexual agenda.
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo threatened massively expensive legal action against a trendy Manhattan clothing boutique that failed to hire transsexuals who were sent by left-wing activists to apply for jobs with fake resumes.
An Indiana school district defended a school bus driver as "working within the scope of her employment" for verbally assaulting a child and demeaning her as "a stupid little bigot" for expressing her pro-life, pro-marriage beliefs.
Men in Colorado already are taking advantage of that state's ENDA-type law to use ladies' restrooms and literally expose little girls and women to their perversions.

We've won this fight every time liberals have started it since 1994.

This time, though, we're facing a perfect storm: liberal majorities in both houses of Congress, backed by a President who owes his election in part to the homosexual Left.

And President Obama has promised his homosexual base that he will personally "usher through an Employment Non-Discrimination Act and sign it into law."

I hope you understand now why I am so deeply concerned about the grave threat ENDA poses to your Christian and conservative values at home, at work, and in the "public square."

If you share that concern, may I hear from you today?

FRC Action members link arms with our Capitol Hill experts and tens of thousands who are fighting together for faith, family and freedom in America! Members receive insider information, invitations to special events, political endorsement announcements, and the opportunity to participate in the FRC Action PAC to remove liberal politicians and elect proven conservatives. Please join today!

I am deeply grateful for your interest in FRC Action. By standing with us, you enable us to grow stronger with every battle and strengthen us for future struggles.

Tony Perkins

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