Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Franken's sharp tongue emerges in Senate (& Herman Cain)

Al Franken, the Democrat from Minnesota who won election to the Senate after a successful career as a comic and author, has begun to show the sharp-tongued side of his personality by ripping into GOP staffers behind the scenes.

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Heard a bit from Georgia's Herman Cain yesterday on the radio regarding Democrat "SIN". Demtactics: Shift, Ignore, call the opponent Names...

Love Herman, think he is so spot on with how he handles the left. Deeply intelligent, strongly conservative, sharper than a tack. He has the ability to put into words things that have been milling around in my brain and do it in a way that makes me want to shout "Ah ha, that's it!!!".

When I popped into my email this morning and saw the bit above from Al Franken, my first thought was that he's the master of SIN with the emphasis on the "N". He's a nasty, foul mouthed man and it was a sad day for this country when he scraped by to get to D.C. If his true nature continues to show I'm hoping his constituents wise up, get serious, and boot his butt out in the next election.

Here's Herman's article on SIN that I just located:

On a side note about Herman... I got a big kick out of his choice to be positive yesterday! Someone had tasked him, I gather, on a previous show to be positive. He took 'em up on it and was POSITIVE that the health care bill, cap & trade, etc., etc. was going to destroy the country, etc., etc., etc. He was POSITIVE about a whole lotta things along those lines. Love it.

He's on WSB Radio in Atlanta, Georgia. Usually on at 7 p.m. and sometimes as a sub during the Neal Boortz show. If you get a chance to listen, please do. If you can't, go check out his web site and become one of his Intelligent Thinkers...

The "official" blurb:
(Herman Cain is currently a radio talk-show host. "The Herman Cain Show," News Talk 750 WSB-Atlanta, airs Monday-Friday, 7 p.m.-10 p.m. EST (listen LIVE online). He is a former corporate executive and CEO, and still serves on the board of directors of three corporations that range in size from 4 to 16 billion dollars in annual revenue. His latest book, "They Think You're Stupid," was inspired following his 2004 run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican in Georgia. You can also hear and see "The Best of Herman Cain" anytime.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canadian Censorship re: Obama and Friends

Obama’s bio a state secret in Canada

He's the most high-profile politician in recent history, the winner of a bruising election campaign in which every aspect of his life -- from his smoking habit to anti-American comments made by his pastor -- came under relentless scrutiny.

But according to Canadian government officials, a biography of U.S. President Barack Obama provided to Prime Minister Stephen Harper shortly after Mr. Obama's inauguration last January qualifies as a state secret...

... The 77 pages of heavily censored documents released to Canwest include memos to Mr. Harper from his foreign-policy adviser, a letter from Canada's former ambassador to the United States, Michael Wilson, as well as talking points to prepare Mr. Harper for the meeting. It also includes biographies of the president and officials who accompanied the president on the trip to Canada, including National Security Advisor James Jones, National Economic Council director Lawrence Summers, Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

In blacking out the biographies of the president and his entourage...


So why would the Canadian government feel the need to redact entire bios of Obama and friends? If there were something sensitive in the compilation, why not just black out part of one or two? Misdirection possibly? They figured if they just blacked out portions everyone would wonder, go digging to find the dirt? Or is it that there was so much that would embarrass the prez that it was easier to black it all out? What were they able to find back in February that the American press and our government protectors / investigators weren't able to find? What's the big secret?

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Budget tricks rife in health reform effort

Advocates of health care reform are relying on budget manipulations to stick with President Obama's pledge to overhaul the system without adding to the deficit, critics on and off Capitol Hill say.

Both independent budget analysts and Republicans say a Senate vote expected this week on a 10-year, nearly $250 billion Medicare reimbursement bill is the perfect example. They say it was sliced out of the reform plans because it would send the cost of Mr. Obama's top legislative priority over $1 trillion.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guitierrez still pushing amnesty for illegal aliens

Amnesty Now!
Oct 17, 2009 04:25 am Claude Cartaginese
Representative Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Illinois), who made a name for himself back in 1999 by pressuring former President Bill Clinton into freeing 16 convicted FALN terrorists, is back in the news. As Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! program reports, Gutierrez, a vociferous advocate of blanket amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens currently in [...]
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Rebound for Obama?

By Ben Pershing

Is President Obama on the rebound? Events from the last 24 hours provide a mixed answer to that question, suggesting the White House may have reason for optimism on the domestic front even as trouble brews abroad.

First, the Senate Finance Committee began its markup of health-care reform legislation, a concrete step toward passage of Obama's signature priority. Second, the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll suggests the president's ratings on the issue are improving -- approval of Obama's handling of health care ticked up four points since August, from 41 percent to 45 percent, while the percentage who think Obama's plan is a good idea is up three points. (If no bill passes, 37 percent of respondents said they'd blame the GOP, while only 10 percent would blame Obama).

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Democrats Question Baucus's $80B Deal With Drug Makers

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) faced an early test of his leadership Wednesday after fellow Democrats challenged the $80 billion deal he struck with drug makers to help pay for health-care reform.

Nearing the end of a 13-hour opening day of work on Baucus's bill to overhaul the nation's health-care system, several committee members pressed Tuesday night for an amendment extracting larger company rebates on medications the government purchases for low-income senior citizens.

The proposal jeopardizes an agreement that Baucus and the Obama White House struck to limit the drug industry's exposure over the next 10 years to $80 billion.

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Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing Obama is cutting deals with drug companies... how 'bout you?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time for a Closer Look (from The Hill)

Time for a Closer Look
by Armstrong Williams

Former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) will quietly ascend Capitol Hill tonight and face his former colleagues in a closed-door session regarding his future as President Obama's secretary of Health and Human Services.

Up until Friday, this was a foregone conclusion — the popular leader would be quickly confirmed as the nation's next top health policymaker. But evidence uncovered by ABC News and reported in The Hill of Sen. Daschle's tax evasion (unknowingly or not) is cause for concern.

I'll let Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and upper-chamber Republicans like Mitch McConnell (Ky.) decide if Daschle is worthy of this post. I'm more disturbed by the fact that yet another Obama administration nominee is under intense scrutiny for practices that normal Americans face and dutifully complete every day.

What's going on with the vetting process over at the White House? How many nominees now have unnecessarily brought some shame to Obama because they didn't own up to some basic problems that even my interns would red-flag?

First comes Commerce-nominee and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) for pay-to-play accusations, then the Treasury secretary nominee for tax evasion, and now Daschle?
These aren't posts for the Foreign Ag Service, folks. These are the highest echelons of power.

I won't even question the seriousness of the violations. Again, I'm more disturbed by the process. Why? Because the optics on these picks and subsequent reviews are very bad for the average American. We're supposed to be entering a new era of change, and with that, hope and optimism that runs straight to the Oval Office and President Obama. How can we expect him to stay focused and positive and on message when those around him are looking for exceptions, or worse, to look the other way?

I'd expect these sorts of shenanigans from a President Clinton (Hillary, that is), but America voted for better. And they deserve that “better.” So fix the process, or fix the team that's conducting the process.


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Bret Stephens: Iraq Is Obama's Mideast Pillar
As an Arab democracy, it's a model for what we would like the rest of the Arab world to become.

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The really interesting question: What in the world did he do to earn all that money?

No Time To Cut Defense
Five reasons for Obama to repudiate calls to weaken our armed forces.

Nationalize This
The Fed's embrace is suffocating AIG.

$100 Billion and No Change Back
Obama's stimulus is mostly more of the same -- especially when it comes to education.

Free-traders on President Obama's economic team are suppressing concerns over Buy American provisions in the stimulus, derided as protectionist by corporate lobbyists. READ MORE

Financial firms and other companies receiving billions of dollars in federal bailout money spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for meetings and charitable gifts on behalf of lawmakers. READ MORE

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Stimulus will kill this country's future

What is going on in Washington is sinful. They are using hard times to pass the biggest boondoggle ever. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Franks, et al, simply want to change the way our country is run. They are going to make sure the entire country turns into a welfare nation. Future generations will hang on the teat of the government and have no incentive to work unless forced.

Remember Soylent Green? Animal Farm? 1984? Ayn Rand?

Wrap them all up together and you have a Democrat's dream.

You have to take a look at the stimulus package to see all the garbage that is not even's right there for all to see because they know it doesn't matter. People are scared, governors are fretting, things look dire so they thing we'll swallow the entire enchilada.

Call you governor and tell them to stop asking for handouts. Call your Senators and tell them to vote against the bill. We don't need a government nanny.

If they want to do something, tell them to cut all the pork from the bill and see what's left. If it really, truly, makes jobs keep it. If it's going to put turf on the White House lawn, go for research or buy condoms, we don't need it and it shouldn't be included in the bill.