Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canadian Censorship re: Obama and Friends

Obama’s bio a state secret in Canada

He's the most high-profile politician in recent history, the winner of a bruising election campaign in which every aspect of his life -- from his smoking habit to anti-American comments made by his pastor -- came under relentless scrutiny.

But according to Canadian government officials, a biography of U.S. President Barack Obama provided to Prime Minister Stephen Harper shortly after Mr. Obama's inauguration last January qualifies as a state secret...

... The 77 pages of heavily censored documents released to Canwest include memos to Mr. Harper from his foreign-policy adviser, a letter from Canada's former ambassador to the United States, Michael Wilson, as well as talking points to prepare Mr. Harper for the meeting. It also includes biographies of the president and officials who accompanied the president on the trip to Canada, including National Security Advisor James Jones, National Economic Council director Lawrence Summers, Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

In blacking out the biographies of the president and his entourage... http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=2199765


So why would the Canadian government feel the need to redact entire bios of Obama and friends? If there were something sensitive in the compilation, why not just black out part of one or two? Misdirection possibly? They figured if they just blacked out portions everyone would wonder, go digging to find the dirt? Or is it that there was so much that would embarrass the prez that it was easier to black it all out? What were they able to find back in February that the American press and our government protectors / investigators weren't able to find? What's the big secret?

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